All the scheming, drama and gossip is coming to an end. Today the last episode of Gossip Girl is airing on tv in the US.

Unfortunately I have to wait till it comes out online tomorrow. I think that the last two seasons of Gossip Girl weren’t that spectaculair. The last episode was kinda shocking so I am curious for the end. I’ve read the books years ago and it’s totally different from the series with less drama.

Have you been a Gossip Girl watcher or reader? Who do you think is Gossip Girl?

Jenny Humphrey is returning and there is going to be a lot of drama. Gossip Girl’s identity will be revealed and I got a little guess who she or he could be! The never ending blair-chuck relationship is going on and on. Word has it that they will finally getting married and that Serena will end up with Dan (no surprise) If you want to see what might be happening, check out the preview below.


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