I have been to amazing concerts and was most of the time able to shoot awesome pictures. It all started with the picture above, me, my brother and Fall Out Boy. My first meet and greet and already at the first concert I’ve been too and I got obsessed with taking (good) pictures at concerts. While writing this blog post, I want to take this opportunity to thank my brother for bringing me to all the concerts when I was still “young” to go alone. You’re awesome!!So let’s have a throwback thursday and check out my pictures of Katy Perry, McFly, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and more!

Ik ben naar geweldige concerten geweest en vaak had ik de mogelijkheid om goede foto’s te schieten. Het begon allemaal met de foto hierboven: ik, mijn broer en Fall Out Boy. Mijn eerste meet and greet en de eerste concert waar ik ben geweest. Sindsdien wil ik proberen om gave foto’s te hebben. Nu ik toch bezig ben, wil ik deze kans gelijk nemen om mijn broer te bedanken voor het meegaan naar vele concerten. Ik was nog “jong” en mocht niet echt gaan, tenzij mijn broer met mij meeging, dus bij deze thanks broertje! In deze post blik ik terug op foto’s die ik heb genomen van Katy Perry, McFly, Taylor Swift, Brintey Spears and meer!

The band of Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless. What a fun day that was. You can read all about it in this post: click

Oh, The Jonas Brothers. This concert was in Rotterdam and you can guess that the whole venue was full with girls. Fangirl mode was on!

Interesting picture, bad quality. This was the first real Lady Gaga concert in The Netherlands. After she came on stage, my phone battery died. This is the only picture I have. The concert was really cool, she is a great live performer. I am happy that I saw her before she went all RAH-RAH-RAH-AAAAH.

I was a huge Tokio Hotel fan. On this picture you can see Tom Kaulitz, the guitarist. I’ve been to two concerts and this picture is from the second one where I was really somewhere in the front. It was madness. Words can describe how crazy it was when Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer threw his towel in the crowd at the end of the show. Oh and btw, this is the only concert where I almost fainted. CRAZY.

The first Cobra Starship concert. I was in front so I had a good view on the stage. I almost went up on stage with them, but then the security guy said there were already enough people on stage. Too bad!

A picture of Dougie Poynter from my all time favorite band McFly. This was a great experience, because I had a press card to take pictures for mission:MCFLY. Front row enjoying and shooting pictures of my boys 🙂

Katy Perry is so fun! I shot a lot of great pictures of here, so make sure to check them out here: click.

I almost missed this concert, but two of my collegues insisted me to join them to see Taylor Swift and I glad they did. It was awesome to sing along to all her songs and I really love the pictures I shot of her click.

It’s Britney B*tch! I only went to the Britney concert because Joe Jonas (from the Jonas Brothers) was the support act. The tickets were so cheap, I think I paid round 15 euro’s. I didn’t get much of this concert, because after Joe performed me and my friend went outside and wait for him. With no luck. Well at least I got to see the legendary Britney Britney in real life.

LIGHTS. Her music is great and I was so excited for her concert. When she came up I couldn’t do more than click, click and click. She is so pretty and down to earth.

The Kooks were also performing the day The Pretty Reckless was playing. They were having lunch just around the corner of the venue, so me and couple of other girls went to look for them and they were nice to take a picture with us!

I got loads more, the latest cool thing I’ve been to was Pinkpop festival last summer but I can’t show them all. I am so happy with every picture and opportunity to see/meet some of my favorite artists!


  1. Saranda Walgaard

    Lange lijst van concerten haha! Ik viel ook echt bijna flauw tijdens Tokio Hotel toen, te druk haha.

    Zelf hoop ik Taylor Swift nog een keer te zien! Leuke foto’s!! xxx

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