There was a little bit of snow last week here in Holland, but it’s all gone now. In two weeks I’ll be in Germany for Christmas and in February for an internship. Since it’s much colder over there and the snow is all over the streets it would be nice to have some good shoes.

That’s why I’d like to share some snow proof winterboots:

1. Palladium boots.
These leather darlings with rubber outsole will get you through the snow.

2. Top Shop Phelvin Premium Chelsea Boots.
If you like shoes with heels, then this one is perfect for the winter. The chunky sole will keep you from falling at least, that’s what I think 😉

3. Black studded flatform boots.
Oh how these studs will help you to kick the snow away. Not sure if they are anti-slip, but they look bad-ass enough to make it look like they can conquer the cold winter days.

4. Dr. Martens boots.
These are the ones I got and I can guarantee you that they are awesome to walk in the snow!

Palladium / Top Shop / River Island / Nelly

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