If you know me personally or follow me online you might think: “What? She changed her hair, again?! I can’t keep up!”. Truth is, I can’t always keep up with my moods (women problems) and that results in my constant hair change. When I feel bad, a new hair cut or color just changes my vibe, I feel reborn (I am so dramatic, right?). Not only when I feel bad I change my hair, also when I feel like I am experiencing something exciting and new in my life, I feel like I want to be new. It’s just an emotional / confidence thing. They say that it doesn’t matter what you wear, if you feel good in your skin then it’s alright. To me it’s not the skin, it’s the hair.

Bangs are not really new to me, but this hair cut has a funny story. Last week when my friend went to the hairdresser I went along with her. Being there made me just think what I am going to do next with my hair. But there is not really much to change with my current style, only the hair color or shorter. I want to keep my black hair for a while and thought of some looks that look classy, but that could also scream: “I’M A BAD A$$”. So there I was, facing my mirror with a pair of scissors (for hair!) – remember I did cut my bangs before and that turned out perfectly- and I chopped my growing bangs off, again. My first reaction: *BAD WORD*… it was too short! First rule with cutting bangs: always start long and then trim it. Anyways, I was just laughing at myself, because I looked too stupid with an uneven pony. Then I started trimming and trimming and it just went shorter. Like a 3 year old child gone wild with scissors. I thought I could maybe rock a bang like Nathalia Kills or Sophie Amoruso, but this time I was actually really nervous. I changed my clothes and went to the hair dresser. Of course these professionals fixed what they could. When I was there in the chair telling my story, it was quite embarrassing, because the hair lady and I knew that my bangs looked ugly.  It was my own fault anyways and there was a price to pay (literally).

So call me Dora the Explorer (we got matching hair now). I will grow out my bangs now and hopefully I will have an awesome haircut like Sophie Amoruso.  Next time you will see me with a different hair cut or color, it probably happened with a reason!


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