Chit chat: I’m back in Holland now, and it sucks haha. This was my second look in Berlin last saturday. We pretty much chilled a lot and went to the cinema at the Sony Center in Potsdammerplatz. We went to the movie: ”The Grand Budapest Hotel” and I thought it was a cool movie. Even though in the end I was still a bit confused, overal I liked it. Later the evening we went out to a club, but I didn’t like it that much. I had a good time with my friends though, so that is what counts in the end right? On sunday I chilled at home with my boyfriend. The weather wasn’t that nice and we were a bit lazy so watched movies and had take out food. Super cozy!

My look: I don’t own a lot of white clothing, because I’m too scared it gets dirty too easily. You know for example foundation accidents and stuff. But when I got to chose some items from Noisy May, I couldn’t leave this white leather biker jacket hanging. It will be a good addition to my jackets collection and a nice item for the spring/summer times. How would you wear this jacket?

Wearing: Jacket – Noisy May / Trousers – River Island / Top – Asos / Chunky Boots – Nelly

outfit-white-biker-jacket-02 outfit-white-biker-jacket-03 outfit-white-biker-jacket-04


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