Chit chat: Germany has such a rich history and I suppose we all have learned about the big world wars in school. It’s been 25 years ago that the Berlin wall fell. I am not going to give you a history lecture here, because you can Google that up yourself. But I was really fascinating being there at the wall. You want to know why? Imagine you living in the time when there is a war going on and you being trapped on the east side of Berlin. People died trying to cross over and there I stood on the west side, present time – living in freedom.

These things makes me just grateful living where there is peace. Still there are countries in this world where wars are ongoing and people are fighting for their lives, facing walls they can’t tear down. -I feel like a pageant queen now wishing for world peace- But I think I made my point clear now, about why I felt so fascinated visiting this monumental. This was the last day I was in Berlin, monday to be exact. I had a great time there. Good reality check and new energy to fill up my life.


My look: I teamed up with Sammy Dress, an online shop to review their products. I chose for a flower bomber jacket. The reason why I was enthusiastic about this shop is, because they sell all the eBay stuff I am usually looking for. It’s all there (well most of them) and it is freaking cheap. So I really wanted to share that with you. Since I am on a budget with buying clothing, Sammy Dress is a good option to still get some cool new stuff for a bargain (win!). The shipping was pretty fast, I received it within a week. Usually when I buy something on eBay it takes at least 3 to 4 weeks to receive it. So that was a big plus.

I must say when you will order a bigger amount of products or cost, that you might have to pay for some import duty. I will definitely try to order something myself to make sure how the shipping cost and delivery time is. I don’t want to make you all hyped up and then get screwed afterwards. My honest opinion here! So anyways, I am in love with the jacket, the quality is good and it is around 15 euro’s. I kept the look a bit simple, to make my jacket and beloved new Nikes stand out.

What do you think of this look?

Wearing: Jacket – Sammy Dress / Sweater – Noisy May / Trousers – River Island / Sneakers – Nike Airmax 1






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