Chit chat: How was your easter weekend? I finally watched the finale of How I met Your Mother, and I really had to think of Barney Stinson when I looked back to these pictures. For the people that don’t follow the serie, Barney always wears a suit. This is not my usual attire, but I can totally wear this kind of style if I feel like it. It just nice to dress, I mean suit up a bit. Talking about series, I am watching Modern Family at the moment and it is hi-la-rious. It’s been long that I laughed out loud behind my laptop when watching a serie. I needed something fun after I watched Breaking Bad – oh em gee, don’t get me started on that. If you want to hold a private discussion about BB, you can e-mail me haha. I also started to watch Games of Thrones, but I don’t know if I am going to watch that more since I got at least 5 series that I still have to catch up on… oops. So if you need a new serie to watch, definitely check out How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family! Gotta love Netflix right…

My look: like I mentioned before this is not my usual attire. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t my style. If I have to go more dressy and ”sophisticated” this is kind of look what you can expect from me then. The blazer is really my perfect black blazer. It was love at first sight and on sale for € 25,00 at Mango few months ago. Hello bargain! I think my new  trousers really sets the tone for a neat look. But I can’t wait to wear it in a more edgy way. My cinderella heels are killers, so after I took these pictures they were immediately replaced for some flats. I tried to wear them a whole day, but nah it wasn’t working. What do you think of this look?

Wearing: Top – Zara / Blazer – Mango / Trousers – River Island / Heels – Zara / Watch – GUESS watches





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