THE JEANS: With pride I present you my very own designed jeans for Noisy May! I wanted to design jeans that I haven’t seen much of yet, and that is a jeans with leather details. Leather is always a good idea (except for summers) and I think it’s a perfect mix with denim. This jeans can be worn two ways: zippers open and closed. The closed way is cool for when you are wearing your flat shoes, then the focus is really on the leather/zipper detail. The open way is better for when you are wearing heels, then you accentuate your whole shoe. The idea is to just have a jeans that you can wear different ways, so it will never be a boring piece.  On my original design I had more leather details, but I get that having more details might takes more time to process.

SIZE: These jeans are so comfortable, and I am not saying it because I got involved. My problem is that my thighs are bit bigger, which leads me to not fitting to real denim jeans. These jeans are more stretchy, which make them easier to wear.  They go from width 26 till 32 & height 32 and 34. I am wearing a 27/32, that’s good for someone with size 36. It’s just a shame I am not taller so you can not see the details of my zipper that good.

WHERE TO BUY: I know for a fact that the jeans will be sold in most of the Vero Moda stores in The Netherlands. For the rest of Europe, you will have to check out your nearest Vero Moda store where they also sell Noisy May!

PRICE: The price for my jeans are around 80 euro’s. I know it quite some money, but believe me when you often wear jeans, Noisy May ones are a good investment! Plus, you can say that you wear a jeans that I designed ;).

Wearing: Jacket – Noisy May 

mynoisymay-jeans2 mynoisymay-jeans3 mynoisymay-jeans4 mynoisymay-jeans5 mynoisymay-jeans6 mynoisymay-jeans7

Make me happy and buy the jeans. Show me a picture when you have!
I’d love to see you rocking one of my designs 😀

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