Chit chat: Lately the song ”Let it go” from the Disney movie Frozen has been really stuck in my head. I am too sentimental when it comes to some certain things from my past. I just can’t let everything go. My mom used to have a lot of clothes from back then and one day my dad accidentally threw the wrong trash bag out. Bye bye clothes. Thankfully my mom still had some leftovers and this flower dress is one of them. It was in my closet all these years, but I never had the chance to wear it, because it just didn’t feel right to wear it. So some things are good to hold on too right? What about you, do you still have some old stuff from your mom that you’re still wearing?

My look: A few days ago when I was cleaning up my closet I saw this dress again and knew the next time the sun would shine I would wear it. So here is the result of how I combined my flower power dress. I wouldn’t describe my style as girly at all, so I tried to mix it up with some ”rough” items like my Dr Martens boots and vintage Levi’s denim jacket (which is actually belongs to my brother).

Wearing: Dress – Vintage / Denim Jacket – Levi’s / Boots – Dr Martens / Hat – H&M

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