The perfect bag doesn’t exist and why is that in my opinion? Because for every occasion you need another bag. But let me talk about the ”every day bag”. The 3.1 Phillip lim Pashili comes close to perfection. You can wear it two ways, zipper opened and closed. Putting the zippers down creates a bigger space, which is awesome for travelling and carrying a laptop. When you close the bag, it just looks like a nice casual bag to carry with. The bag is black and fits to anything.

So why do I sound like a commercial for this bag? It’s because this is the one bag I am going to save my money for. The one bag that I will carry on the rest of my life. The bag cost around 850 euro’s and that seems much, but my camera and macbook were also expensive so it’s worth the save.  Maybe along the way I will find another perfect designer bag, but for now my eyes are set on this one when it comes to an every day bag. Of course I am still dreaming of a Chanel bag like any other girl, but I’ll just keep on dreaming.

By the way, donations are always welcome 😉  What is your ultimate bag that you are wishing for?

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