As a student I always travel with the public transportation and that means I got to have card to check in. I always freak out when I’m almost at my destination and can’t find my card. Also I listen music on my iPhone, so I somehow always keep it in my hands.

One of my latest buys is the Smart Multi Pouch. A bag from 10×15 cm that keeps my cards and phone together. Plus I can keep my phone in it and still listen to music, because of the hole in the bag that is especially made for earplugs.

The Smart Multi Pouch is available in brown, red, pink, blue and purple.  You can get it at

12 thoughts on “New in: Smart Multi Pouch

    1. Akshay

      Eeyy, je spreekt met 1 van de leden van Rhocks!
      Ik ken iemand in onze onderneming die familie heeft in België!
      Waar precies in België woon je dan?

  1. Nina T.

    That is real cute and real handy too! Where in NL are you from? I might be going back there this year, and I can’t wait! Cheers from Israel. xoxo

    1. Akshay

      Hoi Ilona,
      Het is een erg handig product! Je kan je pinpas, creditcards, geld in kwijt. Wat ons product uniek maakt , is dat wij een speciaal vakje hebben voor de smartphone!

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