THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY MUST HAVE. I simply think that every girl should own at least one red lipstick. It looks so classy, fun and gives that bit of extra. Especially on your days that you don’t feel like dressing up. Once you’re hooked you can try out different shades that can match up with your mood and outfit. There are plenty of red shades so just try out some cheaper ones until you find your right color. Or if you want to do it right, go to a beauty store where you can get some advice and they let you try on some. So then you have different colors of red, but you also have different types of texture. Do you want for example a glossy or matte effect? I am definitely not a pro. but that’s why I want to show you my 3 favorite different red lipsticks.


I got 3 favorites and luckily I received them all as a gift. There is another one that I really like, a matte dark red from Rimmel London, but I can’t find it anywhere (oops!). 

The first one is a bright red from Yves Rocher. It’s smells nice and the color is really popping out good. As you can see it’s not really glossy, but not matte either. Just a nice lipstick for when I want to have a bit of extra make-up.

Favorite-Red-Lipstick-04 The next one is one from Yves Saint Laurent from the spring 2012 collection. I love love the lipstick package of this one. It looks so luxurious and classy. I wanted a bit darker one with some shiny effect, so that i can just put it on like a lipgloss. Note that this one is giving more volume to the lips (which in my case is needed with my small lips) and is still more of a lipstick than lipgloss. It’s easy to re-apply because the color naturally fades away. Favorite-Red-Lipstick-05
I think this is my ultimate favorite. A bit darker tone which in my opinion suits me more. This one from Chanel I actually ”borrowed” from my mom (never returned it). After a meal you should check if it’s still on, because this one needs to be applied on more.

I still have some more of red colors, but I think these 3 are the ones I use the most. I still want to try out a red one from MAC because I  like their lipsticks too. What is your favorite red lipstick brand?


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