I love the new album of Britt Nicole, she is one of my favorite Christian artists. Personally I think she is an amazing writer when it comes to ”feel good” music. Her albums always has up-tempo beats, fun sing-a-long and emotional songs.

With 11 songs, the Gold album has mix off pop songs and one song even has some kind of dubstep in it. You can definitely hear that Britt Nicole is trying new things, but it still fits her. You can find all the songs of her album here, so you wouldn’t have to look it all up. Tell me what you think about it!

My favorites for now are: Gold, All This Time, Look Like Love, Who You Say You Are and Ready or Not. As you can see it’s kinda half of her album that I like.

1. Gold
”You’re worth more than gold!” Is definitely the big message in this song.

2. All This Time
”You’ve been walking with me all this time.” This song says that in every hard circumstances you are in, God is always there with you, He has been walking with you all this time. I just simply love love love this one.

3. Look Like Love
Sometimes you are rushing through life and forget or missing out on the things you should really do. Britt is singing ”I wanna look like love, be more than just in love” I think that is a strong message, because how cheesy it may sound; love is the key to everything.

4. Who You Say You Are
”Life’s gonna knock me down, it’s not gonna keep me down. I’m gonna trust you now in every season, I know that joy comes in the morning.” This song is about God, that she simply believes in Him.

5. Ready Or Not ft. Lecrae
”Ready or not here I come, this is who I am, no hiding.”This is a song with a nice beat and funny voice pitches (if you listen to Cher Lloyd you would know what I’m talking about). The rap part from Lecrae somehow reminds me of Kanye West his awful rap in Katy Perry’s E.T. song. But this one fits to the song so it’s all good.

6. Breakthrough
This is the song where I was talking about, that had a kind of dubstep in it. The verses are just normal and then the beat is blasting in the chorus. Breakthrough is not really one of my favorite songs from the album, but it’s not bad to listen to it from time to time.

7. Stand
Stand is a song that will turn your sad face into a happy one. A song that gives you hope.
”When I feel like giving up, when my heart has hurt to much, No I won’t turn and run, I will stand!”

8. The Sun Is Rising
When you are feeling down, you should definitely listen to this song!
”You’re gonna make it, the night can only last for so long. Whatever you’re facing, if you’re heart is breaking there is a promise for the ones who just hold on. The sun is rising”

9. Amazing Life
This is a song that will move your feet! A dance, but catchy song.

10. Still That Girl
After you have danced away, you can relax and listen to ”Still That Girl”.

11. Seeing For The First Time
The album ends with the beautiful song ”Seeing For The First Time”.

Just wanted to share the love <3

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