‘May-Time’ with…. is a new category on my website

I will be posting little Q&A’s with people about their fashion style or other topics.
(but it will be mostly fashion-related)

But this girl is an exceptional. Phuong, a friend of mine is a die-hard blogger. I will be shooting pictures and videos for her blog. Every month I will do a May-Time about her.

May-Time with.. is een nieuwe categorie op mijn website. Ik zal hier mensen interviewen over hun kleding style en misschien nog wel andere onderwerpen.
Alleen dit meisje is een uitzondering. Phuong is een vriendin van mij en zij is een die-hard blogger. Ik ga vaker foto’s voor haar schieten en zal elke maand een video voor haar maken. Dus haar zul je vaker terug zien hier!

So here is my Q&A with Phuong:

Why did you start blogging?
I was already reading a lot of blogs and I thought: ‘I can do the same!’ For me it’s like an online diary.
And I love to read all the comments from my lovely readers.

Most comfy look when you travel?
Sweater, legging (Zara) and worker boots. No accessories and jogging pants. Some people wear jogging pants when they travel, but that’s not for me.

Any upcoming traveling plans and do you already have some looks in mind for that trip?
Yes, Dubai in May. I am planning to wear a lot of bikini’s and dresses. White and bright colors!
Also big sunglasses and big hats. I want a little bit of ‘City Chique’ look.

Wich trends will you be wearing this spring?
Colors! Especially bright colors, because it gives me a warm feeling and I am excited for the warm weather.

What are your favorite items at the moment?
My orange blouse from Zara, white skinny jeans from Asos and my sweater from H&M Trend

Last but not least; What is on your wish list?
The Ipad 2! I am traveling a lot from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and I always bring so much stuff with me. I carry my photo camera, MacBook and a suitcase full of clothes (If I could I would take all my clothes with me). So an Ipad is much lighter than my Macbook and easy to carry with me.

Anything else?
Only a Chloe bag! But that is too expensive for me.. maybe one day.

Check out Phuong’s blog at: Phuong-travelinstyle.blogspot.com
and I will keep you updated about her!

That was the first May-Time with… I hope you like it. If you got any suggestions or whatever,
just comment below, send me an e-mail or tweet me!

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