It’s time for a long term wish list. I could wish for a lot of make-up, shoes, bags and jewelry.. but what is the point of having a lot when you can’t wear it with all of your clothing? Here is my long term wish list that I can keep my eye on for a longer time.

1. Lipsticks Chanel
I want a nice collection of beautiful lipstick colors. Lipsticks are always good for any occasion!

2. Artsy Ring from Yves Saint Laurent
This ring is just an item that I really want. Maybe on my next Paris trip I will buy one?

3. Bag Yves Saint Laurent
A simple leather black designer bag. One that fits with every outfit!

4. Lita Jeffrey Campbell

I know that they are everywhere, but I think that they are perfect! The Lita’s are the shoes I’m keeping my eye on. Period.

What is on your top wish list at the moment?

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