I’ll be waiting on the other side…

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Bruno Mars gave his 3th concert in Holland yesterday.
This time it was in Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall.
After some tweeting with people on when and where I was, I was perfect on time for the concert.
The support act was Natalia Kills, an artist from England (some say she is a gaga rip-off).
I thought she was okay, I really like her clothing style. After playing about five songs
we had to wait for a while until Bruno went on stage .
Oh, how people were so annoying sometimes; always whining and
pushing me around (note: you won’t get in the front unless you were standing in line early so don’t even bother trying -duh-).

With that said, Bruno Mars started with the song: ”The Other Side”
and he ended with ”Talking To The Moon”.
When the end was almost there a friend send me a text, asking how the concert was.
I surprised him by calling him and he had a little live Bruno Mars concert through his phone.
(Haha his tweets are about the phone call are so funny)
The 3G connection for my iPhone was so bad, I really wanted to do a live stream or something!

Well… Bruno Mars is extremely talented and amazing live! THAT’S IT.

This time I had a little bit trouble with my camera, so I only filmed the thing
and got some failed pictures. The lovely Robin (I met him at The Pretty Reckless concert!)
was early at the venue, so he had a nice front row spot.
He is nice enough to share me some of his pictures! So pictures will be up here soon yay

I thank my girl friend Mai for telling me the day before the ticket sale that Bruno Mars
was coming to Amsterdam
and my personal driver, the best, my brother TamTu for joining me.

Without further due, here is my ”Live: Five minutes with…” video.
Bruno Mars, You.Are.Amazing… (JUST THE WAY YOU ARE)

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