HOODIE ALLEN LIVE IN AMSTERDAM BITTERZOET. Yesterday Hoodie Allen performed for the first time in The Netherlands. The concert took place in Amsterdam Bitterzoet. Overall the concert was in one word: AWESOME. I had so much fun and wished that I could’ve rap along to all the songs. At one point there was even a dance battle between two girls and two guys for some merch, and one girl took her shirt off… talking about YOLO — and probably forever on the internet.

This was my first rap concert, so it was quite a fun experience. I thank my boyfriend for introducing Hoodie’s music and made my friend Mai a fan, because she bought me a ticket to the concert. <3 If you, Hoodie Allen ever got a chance to pass by my little blog to check out these pictures; I want to say thank you for a great evening and make it like a party!


HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-04 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-05 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-06 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-07 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-08 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-09 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-19 HoodieAllen-OHMAYGOD-20

Never heard of Hoodie Allen? Check out his music here:


  1. Su-Elle

    It was so awesome! I stood right in front of you, sorry for hitting your camera while jumping like an idiot haha! Great shots, great rapper, great concert. 🙂

  2. Eva Schnarrenberger

    Hey ! I also went to see him on stage but in Germany… like 2-3 days before his concert in Amsterdam ! It was AMAZING ! I almost didn’t take any shots so I could enjoy the show but I’m happy that talented people as you are did it so I can have some beautiful memories aha ! Even if it wasn’t the same concert, your pictures translate very well the atmosphere…especially the one with the final-water-battle 😉

    Great Job !




    1. ohmaygod

      Hey, what nice to hear that you also had an awesome time! Haha, I can do both at the same time, i can get a bit out of hand when it comes to concert, i always want to have great pictures. So thank you a lot for the kind message!


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