Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy with school and when that was over, I was just being lazy. Lazy as in, watching series non-stop. This is part 2 of “Bored? Here are some series to watch”

Amanda Clarke said farewell to who she was and starts her life as Emily Thorne when she returns to the Hamptons. She is determined to take revenge on the people who destroyed her family.

Why I love it: It’s really exciting to see how Emily has planned everything out to take those people down. The serie is full of surprises. I’ve been watching this non-stop for the past week and I just finished season 1.

Genre: Drama
Time: +/- 40 mins.

Due to a misunderstanding from her dad, Tess was forced into moving from Manhattan to the suburbs. Tess and her single dad end up at a place filled with plastic dolls and continue their lives there.

Why I love it: Tess is a down to earth girl and gets involved with interesting people who live in the suburbs. It’s funny to see how she has to settle in a place where she obviously doesn’t feel comfortable. But she has no choice than to just go with it. Season 2 is starting this month so I am excited for it!

Genre: Comedy
Time: +/- 20 mins.

New Girl
Jess, a quirky girl just came out of a bad relationship and needs a new place to live. She ends up moving into an apartment loft with three single men.

Why I love it: Jess and Schmidt. People who are already watching this show know how hilarious Schmidt is, with his funny douchebag comments. Zooey Deschanel is such a fun actress and she plays the role of Jess really well. Every episode is different and there is no real storyline. Of course there are some things you need to follow a bit, but you can just watch it anytime!

Genre: Comedy
Time: +/- 20 mins.

Do you have any series that I should definitely watch? Share it with me, I’d like to see what you guys/girls are watching!

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