I may be a typical girl that watches a lot of television series that most of the people are watching too. But there is no harm in sharing it right? In each ‘‘Bored? Here are some series to watch’’ I will share 3 series that I am currently or have been watching.
I usually watch my series online. I am not really a tv girl anymore, because I can’t stand the commercial breaks and want to watch whenever I want too.

Pretty Little Liars
Based on a series of novels written by Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars aired in 2010. The series follows the lives of four girls, whose clique falls apart when their friend Alison goes missing.



One year after the disappearance from Alison, the girls Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily receive mysterious messages, with their darkest secrets from a person using the name ‘’A’’. At first they think it’s Alison herself, but when the body is found dead, the girls come back together and trying to figure out who the ‘’A’’ person is. The person, or persons (we still don’t know yet) won’t let the girls alone and is watching them everywhere they go.

Why I love it: In the beginning I couldn’t get through the series. I stopped after episode 6, because I couldn’t stand the fact that I didn’t know who ‘’A’’ was. It was really annoying and the story needed a lot of shape, because it was just about four girls. After I got really bored and didn’t know what to watch, I started to check PLL again. The mystery about ‘’A’’ continued and it got really exciting. Season 2 is almost over and that’s when they are about to reveal ‘’A’’. I am really eager to find out!

Genre: Drama/Mystery/Thriller
Time: +/- 40 mins

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time is a television show that aired in October 2011. The story takes place in a fictional small town called Storybrook, Maine. Storybrook you wonder? Yes, it sounds like storybook right? Characters from fairytales, such as Snow White and Prince Charming, populate the town of Storybrook.


The fairytale characters have been exiled to the real world, due to a curse cast by the Evil Queen. The people of Storybrook can’t remember anything of their true identities and are stuck in this town, because of the curse. Henry, a boy who is adopted by the Mayor of Storybrook, seeks out his birth mother, Emma Swan (who is supposedly the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming) and tries to convince her about this curse and tells her that she can break the spell. How that happens? That’s the part where you got to watch Once Upon A Time!

Why I love it: I love it how they put these old fairytale stories into a modern day story. A mix of reality and fantasy is enough for me to get hooked. Also I like how they give each fairytale character a personal story.

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Fantasy
Time: +/- 40 mins.

The Vampire Diaries
For the people who are already watching The Vampire Diaries, know how addicting this show is! The Vampire Diaries is based on a book series written by L.J. Smith. It premiered in 2009 and is currently in its third season.



Mystic Falls is the place for supernatural beings. The main focus of the series is the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and the vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Unusual things happen and their past is really involved in their current lives. You definitely have to watch through the show to get into the story.

Why I love it: To be honest, some year ago I started to watch TVD and I quit after 3 episodes, because I really couldn’t get through the story. I didn’t like the characters at all and the story didn’t appeal to me. When two of my friends forced me to watch it again (they were at season 3), I started over, watched past the few first episodes and I was sold.

Still, I think the first episodes are terrible, but the story developed well after that. I watched a lot of episodes during my vacation and now I am waiting for the most recent episode! By the way, The Vampire Diaries is so much better than Twilight. It has more action, no sparkly vampires, more blood and a high amount of dying humans. It still has some love stories in it, but not as cheesy as in Twilight. Just saying.

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Horror
Time: +/- 40 mins


Do you already watch one of these three series and what do you think?  Catch you later on part 2 next time!

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